How to better appreciate the aromas of wine

The aromas of wine is a fascinating subject to deal with. Wine is a food in which you can find many nuances and very special aromatic notes. It’s just a matter of training your nose and brain. The result is the magic of being able to discover new flavors and aromas of wine that you never knew before, don’t you think it’s wonderful? We will show you how to better appreciate the aromas of wine in this post.

How to better appreciate the aromas of wine

The olfactory organ is made up of specialized cells, the olfactory neurons. These are located in the “yellow spot”, a small area of ​​the mucous layer located at the top of the nose. Currently, it is calculated that the human being has between 6 and 10 million odor receptor neurons, which are in charge of sending the signals of the stimuli they receive to the olfactory zone of the cerebral cortex, where the perception of odor takes place. In short, this is the way in which the aromas of the wine are appreciated biologically.
There are other mammals like the dog with a greater olfactory capacity than the human being. They possess around 300 million olfactory receptors, making a dog an excellent wine taster if it could speak and convey the aromas of wine.
But we have good news. Human smell is quite underused and can train much more. It may seem incredible, but human smell can distinguish more than 10,000 different smells. That is why, in training is the key to learn to distinguish the aromas of wine and any type of smell.
Next, we would like to give a few tips to better appreciate the aromas of the wine during a tasting or tasting.

Tips to better appreciate the aromas of wine

There are people who have the ability to detect odors more easily than others. This is because they have more developed their olfactory capacity, either because at some point they trained it consciously or unconsciously, or because biologically they have a greater number of olfactory receptors. In any case, it should be noted that smell can be trained, and for this you can resort to doing some of these tips:

Notions and knowledge about wines and their aromas:

It is very useful to know basic aspects about the aromas of the wine. In this way, at first it will not be difficult for us to know how to distinguish between red fruits in a Tempranillo red wine or tropical notes in an albariño white, for example.
Therefore, we recommend that you read about wines or the classification of wine aromas on various specialized portals and blogs.

Taste new wines:

Don’t always settle for the same wine, try new ones. In this way you will learn more easily to distinguish notes and nuances that surprise. Let yourself be guided by the advice of professionals, but develop your own criteria little by little. In this way you will see how in not too long you become a wine expert.

Select three different wines and memorize their smell in your mind:

It may be strange, but according to various scientific investigations, memorizing smells is the key to easily recognizing them later. Thus, you can choose three different wines (as different as possible at the beginning and then change to more similar ones) to memorize them and make you remember the aromas of the wine in your mind. With time and practice you will see that you are capable of capturing smells that you did not even appreciate before.

Be present and appreciate the smells of each place:

Mindfulness teaches us to be present and live in the present moment through mindfulness and awareness. This is precisely what can help you take charge of your mind and educate it according to your wishes and needs.
You can put this advice into practice anytime, anywhere. You just have to stop to think about the smells and aromas that you perceive at the present time. You will be amazed at everything you can perceive with full attention and the control that you will develop over your own thoughts with regular practice.

Associate a name with each aroma of the wine:

It will be much easier for you to remember the aromas of the wine associating an image or a name to each one. So if you read about wines you will learn vocabulary and better define the new aromas you discover.

Discover your senses:

The slogan of our online wine store is “Discover your senses” among many other things for this reason. Many times, people are not aware of the enormous variety of notes and sensory nuances that we can get to capture. We have underused our senses. And it is precisely wine, one of the few foods with so many colors, aromas and flavors capable of expressing.
Enjoying small moments through the senses makes us happier. Learning to appreciate our environment more will make us better people and increase our satisfaction.
The wine, in addition to containing great notes and organoleptic nuances, enhances the flavor and aromas of any other gastronomic food that accompanies it. This is what is called a good pairing. Therefore, do not miss the opportunity offered by your senses and train your smell, taste or even sight to discover your senses and enhance your life.
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