What is the Sangria and what is the best I can buy?

What is the sangria, drink for the summer?

If you do not know what the sangria is, this is your post. Sangria can be defined as a beverage made from wine. The Royal Spanish Academy defines it as “a refreshing drink made up of water and wine with sugar and lemon or other additives”.

Its origin is typically Spanish, a very Mediterranean drink that is usually enjoyed in the summer to cope with the heat. For several years, this drink has been produced massively and industrially by numerous manufacturers, resulting in cheap and very low quality bleedings. However, in recent years there has been a current of demanding consumers with the product they consume, with a high interest in artisanal and natural products, aromatic drinks and with the same flavor as always. Many chose to make their own sangria from wine, orange and lemon. And precisely, this is how Lolea emerged, a gourmet and artisanal sangria that promotes traditional values based on the quality, aroma and flavor of this great beverage.

Many consumers opt for sangria over other alternative drinks such as gin and tonic, rum or vodka. And is that its low alcohol content from wine and its large amount of vitamins and antioxidants naturally present, make sangria a perfect drink for any time of year.

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Lolea, Gourmet Sangria

Lolea was born out of curiosity and interest in the traditional values that revolve around this drink. The passion for high quality over the years has paid off. And nowadays, Lolea is synonymous with Premium High Quality Sangria for its excellent quality. You only need to taste it one afternoon of any season of the year in good company to realize it.

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It is also a beverage that pairs well with almost any product. You can taste for example as an appetizer with some chips and some olives. In meals it is ideal for typical Spanish summer dishes such as paella or a barbecue. As in dinners it can be combined even with fish.

In addition, Lolea has a wide range of indentations, numbered from 1 to 5 depending on the type of bleeding. Lolea No 1 is the typical red sangria, while No 2 is white produced from white wine with very sweet and refreshing notes. In contrast, Lolea No 3 is a sparkling sangria of the brut type. On the other hand, Lolea No 4 is organic bleeding, and finally Lola No 5 is Sangría Rosé.



Origin and elaboration of Sangría Lolea

Its elaboration is totally handmade and natural, that is, no dyes or industrial sweeteners are used. Each type of sangria has its own ingredients that are always based on wine of course.

The wine comes from La Rioja, and it is sought to be of quality. Generally young wines that have not been aged in barrel are used to give a more intense color to the sangria and more refreshing primary aromas of youthful expression.

Orange juice or 100% natural squeezed lemon juice is used to make the mixture. No added sugars or preservatives. A juice of Spanish origin that provides the citrus notes that all sangria needs. And finally, usually add a touch of cinnamon or traditional spices that give a wide variety of nuances at the aromatic and taste levels.

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The result is a gourmet sangria of exquisite quality that is ideal to pair with many dishes and at almost any time of day. In addition, there is a wide variety of recipes for typical Spanish sangria. And it is that, depending on where you live and the traditional culture, the sangria is prepared in one way or another. For example, Valencia Sangria has a lot of ice and a slice of orange served in a ball glass, while the Sevillian style usually adds apple, peaches and lemon. Different styles that you can try in all pairings.

Once you have chosen the style and the way to serve the sangria you can make a pairing with many different dishes. From an appetizer to a dinner, meat or fish, rice, vegetables, legumes …


From the natural to the vintage

The image that the brand projects is curious and attractive. It is about bottles with red and white dots that represent the perfect fusion between wine and vintage. It is about recreating the traditional values of the production of natural sangria, without coloring or preservatives, with a typically handmade process. For that reason, the format does not deceive, but it shows the reality and the philosophy of the brand.

The bottles of the Sangria Lolea have a hermetic plug as in the past. This allows to keep the drink in perfect condition even after being open. In addition, all bottles carry a small label where the consumer can find some recipes for bleeding.

The values transmitted by the Sangría Lolea, therefore, remind us of our grandparents, of nature, of natural beverages loaded with nutrients and flavor. A well differentiated sangria and difficult to imitate by other brands cheaper and of low quality.

Another peculiarity of the brand is that it also produces in small formats of Sangría (Lolea Mini). These are 200 ml bottles, perfect for any occasion. These come packaged in boxes of 24 units and have a very competitive price. Of course, the quality is the same as the standard format of 750 ml., With the benefit that it contains the exact amount for tasting a glass of sangria. At the moment, this format is only available for Sangría Lolea No1 and Lolea No2, but it may also be developed in the future for other products of the brand.

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Reasons to buy Sangría Lolea

Some of the reasons why you buy this brand:

  • It is a gourmet, natural and handmade high quality sangria.
  • Exclusivity: It is not easy to buy anywhere.
  • Lolea is a sustainable project with high ethical values.
  • It has unique aromas and flavors.
  • It is easy to drink and easy to prepare.

Where to buy Sangria Lolea

Now that you know what sangria is, and you may want to buy this fantastic gourmet sangria. You’ll wonder where you can buy it, right? Well, as you can imagine, in our online store we have the entire range of Sangría Lolea products at the best price, since we are official distributors of the brand.

In Compra-vino we always bet on the culture of high quality wine, and as such, could not miss a brand of sangria as prestigious as Lolea. Therefore, our recommendation is that you take a look at the section and ask us if you have any questions.

If you are a lover of sangria, we recommend Lolea No 1. Although you can try them all because each contains special notes and nuances and matchless.

Learn and ask us without obligation! We are waiting.



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