Legaris vinos de Pueblo

Legaris is a winery located in the Cuco Valley, between Curiel and Bocos, in the heart of Ribera del Duero. Just 6 kilometers from the municipality of Peñafiel and very close to the Duero River. There in 1999, the Codorníu Group ventured to build this peculiar winery seeking the excellence of its wines.

A winery in Ribera del Duero

The construction and planting of the vine began at the end of the last century. The Tinto Fino or Tempranillo and Cabernet Sauvignon are cultivated in different plots totaling almost 100 hectares. In them, the winery growers work throughout the year to keep the plants in optimal conditions. Some plants already have more than 20 years of age and their grapes are considered of high quality, so it is very necessary to take care of them.
The type of viticulture used is sustainable by applying certain techniques that improve the performance of the plant without harming the environment. Some are the vegetal covers, the systems of conduction, anti-frost, automated irrigation … The objective is that in the grape harvest the grape has an excellent quality. This is usually carried out in the month of October according to the ripening conditions of the grapes. Thus, especially in the last weeks before the harvest, controls are carried out to verify the state of the grapes and decide when to harvest.
The winery has very minimalist architectural features. A very bright and simple building that allows you to perfectly contemplate the vineyards from the inside. This design was made by the architect Domingo Triay with the aim of promoting the culture of wine inside and outside the winery. On the ground floor is the fermentation, aging, bottling and other rooms where wine is made.
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Wines Collection of Pueblo de Legaris

The Wines Collection of Vinos de Pueblo de Legaris highlights the high quality of this winery. It is a limited range of wines that is the result of natural and authentic. Three wines made from the Tinto Fino or Tempranillo variety (100%) but from different sources, whose name refers to the town in question where the vineyard is located.
These vineyards located in different plots are intended to show the variety of nuances that can be seen in different vineyards. These plots are located in different villages with special soils and microclimates. According to the winemaker, the expression of the landscape of their places of origin is valued.
Legaris Alcubilla de Avellaneda has some floral notes when it opens very different to the nuances of licorice and black fruit that Legaris Olmedillo de Roa offers us, or the coconut notes that can appear in Legaris Moradillo de Roa. Three very distinguished wines that make a difference according to their place of origin.


Fermentation is carried out through native yeasts in a natural way. Subsequently the aging is carried out in French oak barrels for 20 months. And finally, let it rest in the bottle for 2 months.
Legaris Vinos de Pueblo is a Collection to Discover Your Senses. Appreciate the different notes and nuances that these wines give us a pleasant sensation for all the senses. Three wines with the same elaboration but different provenance capable of showing us so many sensory differences.

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