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  • The 13 best wines for the Summer

    y para cualquier época del año también…

    Some people say that wine is for winter, which they do not like during the summer. Others, however, know of the existence of certain types of wines that are suitable for hot days. Next, we will expose 13 examples of wines for the summer. Refreshing red and sparkling wines for summer First of all, control […]

  • How to choose a good wine

    Many times we wonder how to choose a good wine. To answer this question we need to take into account several parameters that will help us to know how to choose wine for each occasion. Tips for choosing a good wine before buying In the world there are thousands of different wines, each with a […]

  • How sweet wine is made

    If you ask how sweet wine is made here you can find the answer. You may have a slight idea of the general winemaking process. Even if you are interested you can read the article How to make rosé wine or Types of sparkling wines. But, how is sweet wine made? Does it have a […]

  • 13 Curiosities about Verdejo wines

    Verdejo wines are well known and appreciated all over the world. Why? Maybe it is the correct acidity and balanced and persistent floral aromas that make it unique. But, first of all, we will explain what Verdejo wines are, how and where they are made and some curiosities about variety and wine. La Verdejo is […]

  • How to choose wine for every occasion

    Many people, when thinking about wine, think of a red wine in winter, in front of a fireplace, paired with cheese. Actually, wine is much more than that. Therefore, it is important to know how to choose a wine for each occasion. There are wines for the four seasons of the year, for each occasion, […]

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