Codornew Verdejo Frizzante is a sparkling needle wine made by Codorníu ideal for any season. However, in more calmer seasons of the year such as spring or summer it turns out to be an ideal wine. From vineyards located in the denomination of origin Rueda is harvested Verdejo and after a short but intense process the result is this Codornew Verdejo Frizzante.

With only 5.5% alcohol, it is a wine that is very easy to drink and refreshing. It has a straw yellow color and a very fine bubble typical of the best wines made in Cava Codorníu. The nose is very aromatic and fruity with floral touches. And the palate is fresh and elegant, with a fine and pleasant step that lengthens and leaves you very interesting fruit memories.

This wine can be paired with almost any type of food. Although it is ideal for fish, seafood and rice. Codornew Verdejo Frizzante is this type of wine that everyone likes and that fits well with a wide variety of products. So, if you are looking for a high quality wine, different, easy to drink and with little alcohol, this is possibly a good option