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Brandy is a type of brandy obtained from the distillation of wine. Until recently it was known as "Burning Wine", as they were a type of wine that was burned for its production (Distillation). It has also come to be called "Holandas", since this type of drink was mainly exported to the Netherlands. Undoubtedly, a well-known drink about which little is usually known. Although, certainly, brandy is a high-quality product that is worth getting to know well.

Contrary to what is commonly thought, cognac is a type of brandy. In fact, it is specific to a specific region of France. While brandy can be obtained in different areas.

There are two types of Brandy in our country: Brandy de Jerez (Cardenal Mendoza, Non Plus Ultra ...) and Brandy del Penedés (Torres 5, Torres 10 ...).

The production of these spirits is carried out by aging in the solera system. In Jerez, American oak barrels affected by tylosis are used so that the brandy does not evaporate in excess, in addition, these must have been used before for the production of sherry wines, which gives it a characteristic flavor, and in the Penedés the type of barrel is the Limusin oak.

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