Bruno Paillard is the Maison producing one of the purest and most elegant champagnes in Reims (France). Its foundation dates back to 1981, when Bruno Paillard, descendant of winemakers from the region, decided to create his own winery to produce elegant and pure sparkling wines. Thus, its deepest demand was to create a wine of very distinguished and recognized quality throughout the world.
The great winemakers know perfectly the importance of the land to make a good wine, therefore, Bruno Paillard has a selection of 35 crus or terroirs in the heart of Champagne. A total of 32 hectares of vineyard, of which 16 are classified as Grand Cru. It is not surprising that the wines from these lands are classified as high quality.

Respect for sustainability and the environment are a basic pillar at the Maison de Bruno Paillard. All cultivation is done with organic fertilizers and ecological techniques. In this way, the biodiversity of the terroir is essential for obtaining a high quality strain whose fruit is appreciated. During the harvest, the entire harvest is selected cluster by cluster to guarantee a high quality sparkling wine typical of this champagne.

In the winery, after a first pressing, only the first centiliters are used for each kilo of grapes. In this way, the House guarantees a first quality must that will be vinified separately to obtain all its properties. The fermentation takes place in French oak or stainless steel vats before assembly. Another peculiarity is that Bruno Paillard uses reserve wines of more than 25 vintages for the different assemblies. For this reason, the complexity and great variety of nuances make these sparkling wines unique on the market.

To give the wines of Bruno Paillard harmony and expression, the champagne is given a rest after disgorging. The result is a range of unique wines that reflect the good work and quality of winemakers and a special land. Therefore, it is not surprising that these wines are present in some of the best restaurants and wine shops in the world.

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Bruno Paillard

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