Cantalapiedra Viticultores is a family winery located in La Seca (Valladolid). That is why, within the Rueda appellation of origin, they have been making Verdejo white wines since the end of the 19th century. Thus, these Verdejo wines from Cantalapiedra have a long history and winemaking tradition. In fact, Cantalapiedra Viticultores is the generational continuation of a whole winemaking tradition.

The Cantalapiedra Viticultores vineyards are distributed among 20 hectares of land. Likewise, this terroir is made up of several plots with very varied soils that range from sandy loam to clay loam. In addition, all these vineyards of the Cantalapiedra Viticultores Winery have a pebble blanket that allows the maximum expression of Verdejo wines.

Likewise, the influence of the continental climate and the microclimate of the area are fundamental in this process. At an average altitude of about 750 meters above sea level, with very warm temperatures in summer and very cold winters, the Verdejo variety grows and matures on the vineyard. The rains are very scarce compared to other wine regions. For this reason, pebble soil capable of retaining water for a longer time, as well as protecting the plant from the impact of the sun's rays in the hottest times, is ideal.

Cantalapiedra Viticultores wines are high quality products. In fact, they are the result of a long and professional winemaking process. In this way, after the night harvest, so that the grapes arrive fresh at the winery, a very meticulous fermentation process begins. This process is nothing other than the transformation of the sugars naturally present in the grape into ethyl alcohol. Thus, this is achieved at a controlled temperature and in the absence of oxygen in stainless steel tanks under the supervision of the winemaker. Finally, a white, straw-yellow Verdejo wine is obtained, which is generally bottled for sale.

With all this, the final consumer can buy Cantalapiedra Viticultores wines in our online store. Consequently, a high-quality wine will arrive at your home with very interesting nuances and notes, the result of a long winemaking and wine-making process by the Cantalapiedra Viticultores family.

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