Where Buy-wine served?

Our company ships to Europe.

How much is the shipping?

Depending on the number of bottles and the area in which you are. Costs are summarized in the following table:

How quickly will get orders?

Establish within 1-7 working days, which means that at least one day and up to seven, although most orders are resolved within 48 hours.

In Buy-wine only work with the best transportation agencies, since wine is a very delicate product requires special transportation conditions, so we set that timeframe that allows us to handle logistics and stock transactions between our stores .

How can I pay?

The fastest and most used option is payment by credit card through our virtual TPV, currently one of the safest Internet, whose data is used by the bank in an absolutely private and secure.

Another option is to pay by bank transfer, for this has to contact us at 91 060 97 45 or sending an email to and request this option.

Is it safe to pay by credit card?

Of course. Our virtual POS is one of the most modern and secure Internet, allowing quick and secure payment in seconds. It is a TPV Caja Rural bank whose information is processed solely by the customer's bank and so very private.

Can I place an order to buy?

In our company we are experts prepare special gifts. All you have to do is perform a normal order and the end of it select the option to "gift". After our team will handle gently pack it in gift paper and include a card personalized autographed by the customer.

What happens if it comes into disrepair order?

You have to get in touch with us by phone 91 060 97 45 or by email at and immediately proceed to replenish the merchandise back or refund 100% of your order.

Can I cancel or return the order?

You can cancel the order before they proceed to shipping (email notice) and return before within 7-14 calendar days by law.

How I can get in touch with a commercial Buy and wine?

You can call 91 060 97 45 and will be attended by a commercial for our company to meet all your needs.

How to buy in our online store?

You can find a personalized explanation on page How to buy.