The Villa Massa Limoncello brand has established itself as a great international benchmark. This is due to the quality of its spirits and liqueurs compared to others from the competition. Villa Massa Limoncello is produced in Sorrento (Italy) in a distillery with many years of experience. There they always use the best quality and employ the best professionals in the sector. The result is a high quality premium liquor.

The liquor of Villa Massa Limoncello

Thanks to the selection of the best lemons from southern Italy and a unique distillation this product is achieved. Villa Massa Limoncello is in the best restaurants and specialty shops. Due to his deserved fame it could not be otherwise. So maybe that's one way to show its quality potential.

Sorrento lemons are recognized by thousands of professionals as the best in the world. That is why they have their own Protected Geographical Indication (PGI). These are fresh lemons, grown with traditional techniques and harvested by hand. Likewise, only natural fertilizers are used and the same care of yesteryear is provided. The result is always a fine and aromatic lemon that serves as the raw material for a high quality limoncello like Villa Massa.

The highest quality of this raw material is achieved through expert hands. Professionals who know the evolution of the lemon tree, the soil and the climate. A very artisan but efficient and sustainable way that guarantees a high-quality fruit from the best limoncellos in Italy.

The production process is also very careful. When the fresh lemons arrive at the distillery they are delicately peeled to obtain their precious skin. These lemon slices are macerated to obtain their essential oil. And later it is added to the distillation of alcohol.

As a result, Villa Massa Limoncello is obtained, an unmistakable liqueur. Intense green color with yellowish hues, citrus aromas with a predominance of the purest lemon. And of course, a fresh and pure lemon flavor that is unmistakable for its balanced and aromatic notes.

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Villa Massa Limoncello

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