In this section you can buy all kinds of high quality wine glasses. All the wine glasses offered here are of high quality and are perfect for tasting wines. Likewise, we have made a selection of wine glasses with the best value for money.

We must not underestimate the importance of wine glasses when it comes to tasting. Aspects such as the material, its shape or dimension always influence when tasting or tasting wine. Therefore, if we choose a good glass of wine, we will enhance the capture of aromas and flavors of the wine in question.

There are different types of wine glasses that we must know. Likewise, it is not necessary that we are a hotel establishment or sommeliers to have the best glasses of wine in our house. Make a difference and savor every moment better is in your hands if you wish. Therefore, buying high-quality wine glasses on our website can be an excellent idea.

Types of wine glasses you can buy

First of all, differentiate the types of wine glasses according to the product to be tasted. A red wine is not the same as a white, rosé, sparkling or generous wine, for example. This is because the shape of the wine glass changes depending on the type of aromas, the optimum temperature of the wine or its aeration and decanting capacity. Therefore, they are different.

Glasses for red wines

The glasses for red wines are wide and with a rounded body. This is perfect for full aeration and decantation as red wines tend to be more complex and need aeration. However, there are different dimensions and shapes in these types of glasses. Likewise, the more aromatically complex a wine is, the wider the dimension of the base of the glass should be.

Glasses for white wines

White wines are generally lighter than most reds. For this reason, they do not need particularly wide or large-capacity cups. However, it is especially important that the white wine glass has a slightly taller and finer stem. In this way, we avoid that many people hold the glass by the width of the glass. This is important if we do not want a white wine properly served at its temperature to end up heating up because the glass is mishandled.

Glasses for rosé wines

This type of glass is a hybrid between red and white. Depending on the customer's preferences, you can choose between glasses that are slightly wider to give off more aroma or with a longer stem.

Glasses for sparkling wines

Sparkling wine glasses are special. In the first place, because sparkling wines have a fine bubble that must be kept in balance with the environment. And secondly, because the aromas can be somewhat sophisticated and complex in some types of sparkling wines. For this reason, and despite the fact that many believe that there is only the flute-type glass for sparkling wines, there is a wide variety of glasses for sparkling wines.

The important thing about this type of glass is that it allows it to release all its aroma without losing the bubble. Therefore, the base of the body is usually narrower. On the other hand, the edge of the mouth can be somewhat wider so that it releases the aromas well. And the stem is usually elongated so that the glass is well held there and prevent it from heating up unnecessarily.

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