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In this section you can buy premium gin at very competitive prices. It is an alcoholic beverage obtained from the distillation of unmalted barley flavored with juniper, herbs and various botanicals. Its origins are in Holland around the seventeenth century, when the German physician and scientist Franz De Le Boe sought medicine for kidney diseases.

From then on, the drink began to spread throughout Europe in the form of medicine, especially in England, where it adopted the name "gin". Due to its medicinal origins and because it was a very bitter drink, water was mixed with tonic and gin, which later would give way to the well known "Gin tonic" or "London Dry Gin" in England.

Nowadays it is a distilled drink that forms the basis of others such as Martini, Gin Tonic and certain cocktails. We must also highlight the Premium gins as a type of superior quality gin made with the best botanicals and flavorings, in addition to being distilled more delicately in a longer process.

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